Roof Repairs And Architectural Shingles: Make Sure You Routinely Inspect Your Premium Shingles For Signs Of Storm Damage And Wea

While the print on bundles of premium architectural shingles may say they will last for decades, they are still asphalt shingles and vulnerable to damage. Therefore, it is still important to do a routine inspection of your roof every year to catch some of the problems before the roof begins to leak. The following tips will help you with inspecting your premium asphalt shingles for signs of storm damage and wear:

1. The Obvious Signs of Serious Wind Damage That Are Going to Require Repairs

The first thing that you will want to look for after severe weather, is wind damage on your roof. Look for missing shingles that have exposed the roof decking. This severe damage will need to be covered with a tarp while you wait on a roofing contractor to come and help with roof repairs. While they are repairing areas that have severe wind damage, ask them to inspect other areas of your roof for problems that need to be repaired too.

2. Wind Damage That Can Be A Little More Difficult to Spot on The Surface of Architectural Shingles

The architectural shingles on your roof have 3D tabs that help give them their textured appearance. These 3D shingle tabs can also make it more difficult to spot problems like wind damage that needs to be repaired. Therefore, it is good practice to get on the roof and inspect shingles for tears and replace shingles with small tears due to high winds during severe weather.

3. Hail That Can Cause Damage That Is Barely Visible on The Surface Of 3D Asphalt Shingles Materials

Hail is often the most damaging weather and this damage to the roof of your home can often go unnoticed. If there has recently been a hailstorm in your area, it is a good idea to inspect the surface of your architectural shingles. Sometimes, this can be difficult to spot on architectural shingles because it may be between the 3D tabs. Look closely at all the exposed areas of shingles for signs like pitting and tears from heavy hailstones.

4. Problems with Roof Wear That Can Start Before the Architectural Shingles Are Expected to Need Replacement

The roof of your home is something that gets a lot of wear, which can sometimes be worse depending on the climate and conditions around your home. Areas like valleys with more runoff or where there are shade trees can speed up the aging process of shingles. Therefore, you will want to inspect these areas for signs of wear and leaks that need to be fixed occasionally.

These are some tips to help with inspecting your architectural shingles for signs of storm damage and wear that needs to be repaired. If you have found damage on the surface of your shingles, contact a roof repair service for help with repairs before the roof starts leaking.