Upgrading Your Home To A Tile Roof

For homeowners that currently have asphalt shingles, it can be common for them to want to upgrade to a more durable and aesthetically pleasing option. Stone and concrete tiles can be an effective option, but this is an upgrade that a homeowner may not have given much consideration.

Are The Costs Of Upgrading To Tile Roofing Worth Paying?

There can be significant costs and inconveniences involved with replacing a roof. However, the benefits that tile roofing may provide can be enough to help offset these disadvantages. One of the most noticeable benefits will be that the tile is more likely to last far longer than other roofing materials. The stone tile will also be far more durable, which can be useful for those that live in areas where strong storms and hail can lead to roof damage. Tile can also be extremely resistant to heat transfer, which will result in it being more energy efficient. Lastly, tile can be more aesthetically pleasing, and this can lead to increases in the value of your home.

What Is Involved With Preparing A Roof For Tiles?

Stone tile roofing will be far heavier than shingle options. This can lead to the need for the roof to be reinforced before the tiles can be installed. Otherwise, the structural supports that hold the roof up can be overwhelmed by the weight. This can lead to dropping, cracking, and even a total roof collapse. To determine the extent of the reinforcing that will need to be done, a roofing professional will need to inspect the roof and review the weight of the tiles that you are wanting installed. In addition to reinforcing the roof, it will also be necessary to remove the shingles and other roof coverings before the tiles can be installed.

What Types Of Repairs Or Maintenance Will The Tiles Need?

Tile roofing will have among the lowest maintenance requirements of most other roofing options. In most instances, tile roofing will need little more than routine cleanings to keep it in good condition. When sections of the roof do suffer damage, the compromised tiles will be able to be removed. This can make the process of repairing damage to the tile roof a simple and fairly quick process. However, delays to replacing the tile can allow for the support under the roof to start to rot, and this could lead to far more extensive repairs being required. Luckily, the strength and durability of stone tile will make them extremely resistant to suffering enough damage to require these repairs.

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