Roofing Tips For Brand-New Homes

A new house is a great way to get onto the housing ladder, and while it is expected that everything will be fine, there are times when things can go wrong. You can expect to see everything properly finished when you move in, but if there are problems, the sooner you let the builder know the better.

Moving in

You should take a good look around the house before you move everything in and see if you can find something that may need fixing. The areas to pay special attention to will be:

The sooner the builders know there is a problem the sooner they can fix it. It also means there is no chance of them claiming that the issue was caused by something you or your family did. Even if you do not find anything, it will be worth checking out what responsibility the builders have over the following couple of years.


Often a crack appearing is nothing to worry about and will be something that you can fix yourself. The temperature can be a problem; so, if you move in during the winter, be prepared to keep it as low as possible. Condensation could be an issue, but once the house dries up and the heating can be raised, that should stop appearing.


This will usually last for two years so you should report any problems you find within this time scale. After that, there may be a way to claim against people involved in the building of the house, but you need to check the agreements. When there is additional cover it will tend to be for roofing, walls, and foundations.

Roof space

When the weather is cold, moisture can appear under the roof tiles. This is going to stop within a short amount of time and there will not be any adverse consequences. You will always need to be careful of issues surrounding roofing due to the fact that this can be an area that is difficult to access and you will often not know something has gone wrong until it is quite advanced.


The last thing to remember when moving into a new home is that there may still be disruption. You may have your new home, but others houses in the area could still be only partially complete. At least with workers still in the area, you can ask for advice and also know that if there is a problem with the roofing or anything else in the house, there is no excuse not to have someone visit quickly.