Your Roof And Storm Damage

If you have had a severe storm come through your area, it may be easy to spot the aftermath in the way of roofing damage. You may look around your yard only to find shingles scattered about. This lets you know your roof is now lacking those shingles and you need to have a roofer repair the roof for you. However, it isn't always so easy to find that roofing damage and sometimes you have to actually look for it. After any serious storm, you should be sure to check on your roof. The roof is going to take on the brunt of a storm and is one of the parts of your home that is going to be the most at risk. Here are some of the other things to check after a storm.

Damage caused by a hail storm

You'll likely know if you had a hail storm, even if you weren't aware of it when it was happening. If you weren't home when the hail storm took place, or you happened to sleep through the sound of it, you'll likely see some signs of damage on things like your cars, your aluminum garage door, or other items left in your yard that got dinged by the hail. If you see signs of a hail storm, then you'll want to check your roof for damage caused by the hail.

Check the condition of the shingles, the flashing and the rain gutters and downspouts. If you see any areas that are cracked, dented or broken, then have a roofer come make the necessary repairs. Also, if the design of the roof makes it hard for you to see the entire thing from the ground and you don't want to climb on the roof for safety reasons, a roofer can come do an inspection for you.

Damage caused by a wind storm

If there was a storm with high winds, make sure there are no branches on the roof. Also, make sure all your shingles and tiles are in place and not broken. Make sure the flashing didn't get ripped or torn away from their surfaces and that all the gutters and downspouts are still attached securely and not damaged.

Damage caused by any serious storm

After any kind of serious storm, you are always going to want to look for signs of a leak anywhere in the roof. Check up in the attic to see if there are signs of water in there. Also, keep an eye on the ceiling in all rooms of your house, as well as in the garage. In the house, you may start to see dark spots appear, or you may even find something as obvious as drips coming from the ceiling. This is something that is going to need immediate repairing.

Contact a commercial roofing service if you need more help.