Roof Inspections For Asphalt Shingle Roofs

The most common type of roofing material in the country is asphalt shingles. Although this material is fairly durable, it does last forever. One way to make sure that your asphalt shingle roof lasts as long as possible is to inspect annually. This can tell you if it's time to call a roofer to make any necessary repairs. Here are some tips to keep in mind.


Check your gutter and downspouts for any mineral granules. These granules cover asphalt shingles and help protect your roof against excessive exposure to the sun. They also help protect the roof against fire. If some granules came loose from the shingles due to a storm or high winds, then that is not necessarily a serious concern. If they came loose due to the age of the roof or because the shingles are defective in some way, then repairs will likely be necessary.

Damaged Shingles

Check the roof carefully for any shingles that are damaged. If any are torn or cracked, then they obviously need to be replaced. Also, check for other types of damage, such as blistering, curling or buckling. Blistering is when bumps appear on the surface of the shingles. Curling is when the bottom of the shingle curls upward and exposes the roof to moisture. Buckling shingles are warped and look as if the shingle is being pushed upward. Blistering, curling and buckled shingles may indicate a serious problem that needs to be addressed by a roofing expert.

Algae and Moss

Look for any streaks or stains on your roof. If you notice any large areas of discoloration, it's  usually one of two things: algae or moss. Algae typically starts off as small dark spots and then turns into large streaks over time. It is not believed to cause roof damage, but is obviously unsightly and many homeowners will have it removed by a roofing contractor.

If you see areas of your roof turning green, this is probably due to moss. Unlike algae, moss can definitely harm your roof. Moss causes asphalt shingles to curl or lift up, which can allow water to damage the wood sheathing. If you spot any moss, you need to have problem repaired as soon as possible .

These are some of the most critical things to look for when inspecting your roof. Of course, many homeowners might be worried that they could overlook something important during an inspection. If you have this concern, contact a roofing professional and let them do the job. They will be able to tell you for certain if your roof needs any type of roof repair.