Six Ways To Make Your Windows More Weathertight Before Winter Comes

The coldest months of the year are fast approaching. Now is the time to fortify your windows against the cold. 

As much as 30 percent of annual heating bills in the home are spent on compensating for heat loss through a home's windows. 

The following are six window services homeowners can try to make the house more weathertight and thereby reduce heat loss through windows.

Put film over windows

Window insulation film is a layer of plastic that adheres directly to the window surface. This film is heated so that it shrinks to fit the window exactly.

Window film is an inexpensive way to increase the efficiency of window glass. 

Seal up windows with caulking

Caulking that was put in place when windows were initially installed will wear away over time. Missing caulking can allow cold air to penetrate a home around a window's perimeter.

Fortunately, missing caulking can be easily replaced to seal out drafts.

Have cellular shades installed

Cellular shades are highly effective at keeping a home's interiors warm during the winter months. While offering properties that enhance a window's insulation, cellular shades still allow sunlight to shine through windows to help warm home interiors.

Place draft snakes along the bottom of your windows

Draft snakes consist of tubes of fabric that can insulate a window along the gap between the window and the bottom frame. Investing in draft snakes is a relatively inexpensive way to minimize the amount of cold air that can sneak in. 

Draft snakes are especially helpful in older homes where drafts of cold air in the winter are common. In older homes, window parts sometimes no longer match up perfectly so that cold air can penetrate a home beneath window gaps.

Have double pane windows installed

The double pane window design allows for a layer of insulating gas between the two panes. This presents a thicker barrier between interior air and the home exterior.

If you are having replacement windows installed and cold winter weather is an issue, investing in double pane windows is a good idea to improve window insulation. 

Place rubber weatherstripping material around windows

Weatherstripping is an adhesive material typically made from rubber that can be stuck to window glass around the frame. 

Long strips of weatherstripping can be cut to fit windows perfectly. They can then be sealed around windows to keep drafts out and to prevent conditioned air inside the home from escaping.