3 Things That You Need To Do After A Storm For Your Roof

After a serious storm, you need to make sure that you take care of your roof. Your roof is what takes care of and protects your house. Your roof is responsible for keeping your home safe, and when your roof fails, it is difficult to protect the rest of your home. If your roof was damaged in a storm, there are a few things that you need to do.

#1 Get Written Quotes

Even when your roof is damaged, you should not just go out and hire the first contractor that you get in contact with, or hire one that comes knocking on your door. Do not ever agree to a verbal contract to fix your roof. Always ask for a written estimate of the damage to your roof and what it will cost to repair your roof. This written estimate should include a description of the damage to your roof. The written estimate should clearly state the labor necessary to fix your roof as well as give a detailed breakdown of the supplies needed. Any respectable roofing company will be happy to provide you with this information.

#2 Work Locally

After a storm, you may get some "storm chasers" that come to your area. These are individuals or businesses that move into areas after storms who often offer sub-par quality work and don't provide you with the quality that you need for your roof.

Always look into where the company is based out of. They should have a physical office that you can visit. They should be registered as a contractor with your state. They should carry their state contractor's license with them and be ready and willing to give you their insurance information as well.

Any roofing company that just shows up out of the blue, doesn't have a real address, and is evasive about their contractor number and insurance should be avoided. Work with a real and respected local roofing company. Working locally will ensure that if your roof needs further repairs, you have someone you can contact and someone who will stand behind their warranty.

#3 Contact Your Insurance Company

Before you do any work on your roof, contact your insurance company. Let them know the damage that you can see to your roof and let them know if you have contractors coming out to give estimates. See when they can send out an adjuster to look at your roof and take as many pictures as possible to share with them to show the damage from the storm. If a large storm hit your area, realize that it could take a while for your insurance company to get an adjuster to you quickly, so do as much documentation as you can on your own.

After a storm, you are going to want to get written repair quotes from a few different contractors. Do not work with a company whose information you can't verify. You should be able to verify the location, state contractor's license number, and insurance information for any respectable roofing company. Be sure to loop your insurance company in as early as possible, and provide them with photos and evidence of the damage to your home. Get your roof fixed as soon as possible to protect your home from further damage.

For more information, contact your local storm damage repair service.