3 Things That Make A Roof Valley Vulnerable

A roof valley is a particularly vulnerable spot on any roof. Along with the flashing, a roof valley is one of the more common places for leaks to develop. In fact, it shares characteristics with several other types of vulnerable roofing such as roof slope junctures, low slope sections, and debris-collecting areas such as behind a chimney. Here are three things that make your roof valley so uniquely vulnerable to leaks.

1. Collecting leaves and debris

The more trees you have near your house, the more problems you're likely to have with this. Roof slopes with plenty of pitch to them can often shed leaves fairly well, but in this case, the roof valley is where the leaves are being shed to, so it can end up with big piles of wet leaves sitting in the valley.

This is a problem because not only can leaves remove the protective granules from shingles and attract pests; they can also help hold water in place while it searches for a way to get through the roof surface. Although your roof is designed to shed water, any water that doesn't shed as planned presents quite a threat to its integrity. 

2. Low slope with large amounts of water

Another issue is that such large amounts of water are hitting this roof valley on a regular basis. Not only is it a relatively small area of roof to take such a beating; it also tends to be a shallower slope than the roof sections that are surrounding it. Shallower slopes, also called low slope areas, are more vulnerable to leaks all on their own because gravity tends to work against them, trying to pull the water down through the roofing material since the surface is almost parallel to the ground.

3. Junctions between differing slopes

As mentioned above, flashing is one of the commonest points of failure on a roof where leaks are concerned. Because a roof valley has different slopes dumping into it, there are multiple junctions between slopes and these corners tend to be highly vulnerable spots that need a special type of flashing. When this flashing wears out, or when it's installed incorrectly, problems occur.

These are just three of the reasons why roof valleys are so likely to be a trouble spot. They can also fail when they don't get the maintenance they need. Be sure to have your roof regularly maintained by a professional roofing company like Troyer  Roofing & Construction in order to prevent or repair any roof valley problems.