Ideas For When It Comes Time To Replace Your Home's Roof

The roof of your home is one of the most important parts of your house. It is the part of the structure that prevents the rain, snow, leaves, and animals from getting access to your attic. And because it does so much, it's important to make sure you attend to any damage it receives. If you have an older roof that has seen better days, then you might want to go out and get the entire roof replaced. 

It will be much better in the long run than replacing piece by piece the entire roof. That is costly, and it also leaves you open to the chance that there will be an issue that you miss and the roof leaks and ruins the inside of your home. So, it is often a good idea to go ahead and replace the entire roof. And when you decide to choose a new roof, you will need to consider the different materials. Here are a few to consider. 

Traditional Shingle Roofing

If you like the look of classic shingles that are used on many homes, then you should investigate classic asphalt shingles. These are wonderful because they not only look traditional, they are also easy to apply. So, if you have a relatively solid base, for instance, the decking, is in great shape, then all you might have to do is tear off the shingles and then replace them along with the underlayment sheathing. When you do replace the shingles, you have the opportunity to change the color. This is cool because you can switch from a dark shingle to a light gray or another color that might be more heat reflective.

Wood Shingles

If you want to go real classic, then you should look into wood shingles. These were the standard before asphalt shingles were used. The wooden shingles were often hand split from small logs and had a rough look to them. You can have these installed if you are looking to design a classic, rustic look to your home. You will find that many of them are made from cedar because it is one of the most water resistant of materials. Likewise, you can also find modern versions which are made from pressure treated wood. These are impregnated with chemicals that prevent them from rotting at the normal speed of wood.

Metal Roofing

If you are concerned about your roof lasting through the years, you should look into getting a metal roof. The material is highly resilient to weather and is much more durable. You won't have to do the same sort of maintenance that you might have to deal with when you have an asphalt roof material. You won't have to worry as much about removing wet leaves which would rot traditional shingles. The metal roofing takes much less effort to clean and take care of.