Roof Replacement: 4 Red Flags Indicating You May Need A New Roof

No homeowner wants to front the cost of a new roof. After all, they can easily cost thousands of dollars. Still, having a roof over your head is a basic essential in life, and the last thing you want is a roof that's falling apart. As a homeowner, then, there are a few telltale signs that you'll want to be on the lookout for that could indicate your home's roof needs replaced.

Your Roof Is Decades Old

For starters, consider the last time your roof was replaced. Has it been more than a couple of decades? If so, then it's almost certain that you could use a new roof. That's because most asphalt roofing is only designed to last around 20 years. After that point, the adhesive used to hold the shingles on can become weakened and will be more likely to give way, making your roof prone to all kinds of problems, including water damage.

Shingles Are Curling or Peeling

Ideally, you should be taking a close look at your roof at least twice a year. Whether you go up onto your roof yourself or hire a professional, one of the most important things to be on the lookout for is that of curling or peeling shingles. These are signs that the asphalt shingles are beginning to give out, likely due to wind damage and other wear and tear over time. Unfortunately, shingles cannot be simply replaced or patched.

You Spot Algae or Mold Growth

Algae or mold growth that's visible on your roof is never a good sign. Often times, this is indicative of a moisture problem that has gone unaddressed for an extended period of time. Once your roof begins to grow mold or moss, it can spread to the attic of your home and other areas, as well as detracting from the structural strength of your roof.

You've Got Water Damage

Finally, if you notice a water leak coming through to your attic or ceiling from the roof, this is a sure sign that you've got either missing shingles or missing flashing around a chimney or other area of your roof. Either way, these kinds of problems are a sign that your roof needs total replacement.

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