Three Ways An Experienced Metal Roofing Specialist Can Improve Your Metal Roofing Experience

Although many DIY homeowners feel that they're capable of installing their own asphalt roofs, installing your own metal roof is not such an easy thing to do. Even if you've installed metal roofing on outbuildings or barns before, you'll want to hire an experienced contractor if you're wanting to put a metal roof on your house, because it's a totally different process. For one thing, the metal roofing for a house must be installed above a roof deck and must have the correct insulation, and since it should be installed slightly above the roof deck for maximum cooling and eco-friendliness, advanced installation techniques will be required. Here are three ways that an experienced contractor can help.

1. Helping you choose the right metal roof for your application

There are actually quite a lot of choices for metal roofing systems for your home. You'll have to choose between metal shingles and a standing seam roof, and you'll have to decide whether you want steel, aluminum, copper, or some other option. An experienced metal roof installation expert can give you the insider's viewpoint on how the differences between these can cause differences in performance in various situations. 

2. Installing the roof correctly

As mentioned above, advanced techniques are required for metal roof installation. It's very easy to make multiple rookie errors when installing a metal roof, such as putting the fasteners in slightly the wrong spot or using fasteners that aren't made of exactly the same metal as the roof. Both of these errors can cause quick corrosion, which could lead to big problems for your roof.

3. Offering continuing support and maintenance advice

Metal roofing doesn't require the same maintenance as an asphalt roof either. In fact, there are some things you might do to an asphalt roof that would actually damage a metal roof. For example, walking on the roof could dent it, and cleaning it with strong cleaners could damage the protective coating. Your roofing contractor can offer expert advice on how you should and shouldn't care for your new metal roof and can help you troubleshoot any problems you could come across.

These are just three ways that an experienced metal roof specialist can help you navigate your first metal roof installation. You'll also need expert help when deciding whether to tear off your old roof or simply install the new one on top of it and in calculating how to create a roof that has enough uplift resistance for your area, as well as other critical points.