Leaky Gutters – Why They Leak And What To Do To Stop It

You watch as the water running off of your roof overflows from your gutters or the gutters drip water down the side of your home. This problem is something that needs to be resolved before the water that is meant to be carried away from your home causes damage to the walls and the foundation. Here, you will learn a little about why your gutters leak and what you can do to stop it.

Why do your gutters leak?                        

There are a few things that could be causing your gutters to leak. These can be individual problems or two or more of these things could be working together to cause the problem.

Improperly Sealed – Gutter systems have seams. If the seams aren't sealed properly, they will surely leak. Seams are found in the corners, as well as where two pieces of gutter come together to form a long stretch. If the seal is improperly installed, the gutter could begin to corrode or overflow.

Installed with Nails – Screws should be used to install gutter systems. If nails were used, the gutter may have pulled loose and is allowing the gutter to sag.

Poor Sloping – Gutter systems aren't installed perfectly level. They are slightly sloped so that the water flows to the downspouts and away from the house. If the system is not sloped the water will not flow in the direction that it should and the water will pool inside and overflow.

Settling Foundation – Most homes settle at least a little bit over the years. When the home is built, the gutters are perfectly sloped. As the home settles, the slope of the gutter system changes and can result in inefficient drainage.

How do you stop gutter leaks?

Clean and Inspect the System – A good cleaning and quick inspection can tell you a lot. Once you have the gutters clean, get a marble and set it at the furthest point from the downspout. Give it a slight push and see if the marble rolls freely down the gutter toward the downspout. If it doesn't, you know that the slope needs to be improved.

As you are inspecting the system, look for areas of corrosion and poorly installed seals. The seals should be smooth and clean. If they aren't, use a bit of caulking to coat them and seal the joint.

Keep the Roof Clean – The less debris that you have on your roof, the less you will have in your gutter system.

Anytime you have gutter issues that you cannot find a solution for, you should talk with a local gutter contractor from a company like Alaka'i Raingutters & Supplies. He or she knows exactly how the system should work and is equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to quickly make the repairs.