How Your Metal Roof Can Protect Your Home For The Next 80 Years

That new metal roof on your home could last nearly 80 years and be the last roof you put on your house. There are a few maintenance tasks that you can do to help the roof last that long. Here are some of the ways that you can keep your metal roof looking nice and protecting your home for decades.

1. Keep debris from collecting in the roof.

When you notice sticks, leaves, branches and other debris on the roof, clean it off. This material can keep water from running off of the roof. Where water collects on the roof, rust can develop, especially where the roof coating has been damaged.

2. Check the metal panels and fasteners after a storm.

Whenever a strong wind hits the roof, the metal panels can be forced up, loosening or pulling out the fasteners. Push up on the panels that overlap the edge of the house to find loose panels. Look along the seams of the panels where fasteners may have been pushed up during the windstorm. Hammer down any fasteners that have come up, and replace those that are missing entirely.

3. Check that all flashings are intact.

Air vents, attic fans and fireplace chimneys come up through holes in the metal panels. To make sure that leaks don't happen around those openings, sheets of metal, called flashings, surround the items and seal them against the roof. Periodically check that all flashings are sealed tightly against the metal roof with a roof sealer. If the sealer is dry, cracked or missing, fill in the gaps with a silicone roof sealer. If any of the flashings are bent, twisted or missing, have a roofing contractor, like those at GBS Enterprises Roofing, replace them to prevent leaks from starting.

4. Keep gutters cleaned out and in good repair.

Clean the gutters out regularly to keep the water from backing up against the edge of the metal roof panels. Rust can start here and work its way under the panels.

Gutters that are damaged should be repaired soon, especially if they are metal and touching the metal roof. When different metals come into contact with each other, corrosion can start. For example, if a galvanized steel gutter becomes twisted and touches your copper roof, a chemical process occurs and corrosion starts.

5. Reapply the roof coating when damaged or based on the manufacturer's recommendations.

The roof coating not only makes the metal panels look nice, it protects your roof from ultraviolet rays from the sun and prevents rust from developing. Touch up areas where the roof coating has been scratched by debris. Have a roofing company reapply the coating periodically based on the metal panel manufacturer's suggestions.