3 Best Roofing Materials For An Octagonal Turret Roof

Turrets started as castle elements that allowed guards to watch for coming enemies. Modern architectural turrets are more decorative in nature but still often retain the octagonal shape that made turrets a good looking post from which to see in multiple directions. If your home has an octagonal turret and you're looking for a new roofing material, there are a few materials that standout to make your turret retain its regal appearance while  also remaining low-maintenance.

What are some of the best roofing materials for an octagonal turret roof? Here are a few options to discuss with your roofing company.

Metal Roofing

The many sides of an octagonal turret come together at points that can prove difficult to waterproof with roofing materials. Metal roofing can help with that problem, either as the main material or as an ancillary material.

Metal roofing is now available in a variety of dyed colors and finishes that make the metal look like a higher end material. An all-metal turret roof can look surprisingly classic depending on the color and style choice.

If you are still hesitant to use metal as the main roofing material, ask your roofing company about the possibility of using flashing. The flashing is strips of metal roofing that can be bent around difficult to waterproof areas. Another roofing material can then be installed over the flashing.

Slate Roofing

Slate is a natural great fit for an octagonal turret roof if the material is within your budget. Note that the turret does have a larger surface area, most of which is visible from the street, so you might require a great deal of slate tile and that can drive up costs.

However, slate is very easy to cut to size and stack in a pattern to suit the tapered shape of the octagonal turret. Your roofing contractor can create a brick-like or herringbone shape using the tile that can make the turrets an even more important focal point on your home.

Wood Roofing

Slate not within your budget and you don't like the look of all-metal roofing? Consider going with wood shakes or shingles, which are made from cedar and can be stained a range of natural colors.

The textured appearance of the shingles adds dimension to the turrets lines. The shingles, which can be cut to size to suit the taper, are installed in an overlapping pattern that can give the turret a cottage look.

Wood is a bit higher maintenance than slate or metal. Wood is susceptible to insect damage and can warp or crack with repeated freeze-thaw cycles.