Should I Repair Or Replace My Roof?

Roof structural integrity is key to protecting your home; when the roof is leaking and inefficient, it can lead to damage from the elements that can ruin your interiors and structural integrity. But making the call to replace your roof or simply to repair its parts can be tough. Here are some key components that tell you its time to replace your roof. 

Check on its Age

One way that you can tell you need a new roof is its age. Over time, the materials can wear away and cause micro abrasions that make the roof less durable and resistant to water, debris, and wind damage. Plus, roofing materials and application processes have changed over time, so that new roofs have an improved design and function.

There are some guidelines on when to replace your roof based on its age. For instance, tile and copper roofs may last for up to 50 years. If you have a shingle or asphalt component to your roof, look at replacing it after about 20 years. Cement shingles have a shelf life of around 25 years. 

Check for Roof Valleys

Roof valleys occur when some of the material for your roof disappears (either weathers away or is blown off by the wind). These missing elements of your roof create the perfect channel for water to seep under the roof and cause major damages, such as cracks and leaks. But whether this warrants a full replacement depends on the severity.

If the problem is small, your roofing contractor may just be able to replace a few shingles. But when the problem is larger, it may indicate some larger problems with roofing upkeep and quality. In this case, it may be better to replace the roof and get a better roofing system. 

Getting a Roof Replacement Estimate

If you are noticing that your roof matches some of these conditions for replacement, it's best to talk with roofing contractors right away to get a roofing report and replacement estimate. These rules of thumb can guide your towards getting an expert opinion, but since every roof is different, you'll want an expert eye to look at your roof's condition before you shell out money for replacement.

It may be that your roof is in fair condition and is ready to last for several more years, provided that you do some yearly maintenance. But whenever your roof's quality and safety is in question, don't hesitate to get a specialist's opinion to protect your home's integrity.