The Importance Of Soffit And Fascia Boards

There are several things that contribute to the look of a residential roof besides the actual roofing material. The roof line is probably the most important element because it is highly visible. Most roof lines are made up of soffit and fascia boards. These boards are often the first thing you see on the roof. They are usually a different color than the roof and the rest of the exterior walls. Most commonly, the soffit and fascia boards will be the same color as the door and window trim. The visual line created by the soffit and fascia definitely define the house style. If you have old, faded, rotted or worn down boards, your roof will look equally bad. This article explains what soffit and fascia baords are and how to maintain them.

What are Soffit and Fascia?

The fascia is the most visible board on the roof line. It faces outward and runs along the entire roof line. The soffit goes on the underside of the roof line. It runs from the outer edges of the fascia to the exterior wall. It caps off the roof overhang to create a more finished look. The soffit and fascia often hide seamless gutters and duct systems. The boards are extremely reliant on each other when it comes to their structural integrity. If the fascia is warped, the soffit will also bend, and vice versa. Some homes will only have soffit on part of the roof lines. Often the fascia will over hang and the underside of the roof and the studs will be exposed.

How to Maintain Soffit and Fascia

Most roof lines will be wood. You might find wooden fascia that has vinyl or aluminum soffit, but this is rare. They are usually the same material. The key to maintain wood boards is to always make sure there is a solid paint finish. If the paint fades off, the wood will be susceptible to water damage. If the soffit is sagging, but the fascia is still strong, it might be a sign that the internal gutter system is leaking. If standing water gets on the inside of the boards, it could warp the soffit and lead to deterioration that needs to be repaired ASAP. Also, make sure that the gap seam between the soffit and fascia is always sealed with waterproof caulk. If a gap forms, rodents and birds can make a home inside the gutter system.

For more information and assistance with maintenance or replacement of the soffit and fascia, talk with professional roofing contractors in your area.