3 Reasons to Go With Foam Insulation for Your Roof

Insulation is a key part of any house's infrastructure. It helps keep you and your family warm in the winter and cool in the summer. One part of the house where insulation is especially key is the roof, as air inside your house naturally moves upward. As a homeowner, you have multiple options available for roof insulation, but one option you may not have considered is getting spray foam insulation. Foam roof coatings can provide a number of additional benefits when compared to more traditional types of insulation. Here are three advantages provided by spray foam insulation.

No Seams

Sprayed foam forms a completely seamless roofing system. Sprayed polyurethane foam is a combination of isocyanate and polyol. Because these substances are heated up and sprayed onto the roof as a liquid, the foam forms one continuous sheet or structure once it cools, providing protection for your entire roof with no seams or gaps.

Lower Chance of Water-Related Problems

The seamless insulation provided by foam can also help prevent outside water from leaking in, but that's not the only water-related benefit of going with foam. Sprayed foam also is great for roofs that would otherwise be at risk of a flashing leak, thanks to various roof installations. If you have things like skylights or a satellite dish installed on your roof, you are likely aware that you need to keep an eye on the surrounding areas for potential leak trouble. But, when you use sprayed foam insulation, it can cover the affected area of the roof installation without missing a beat.

Flexibility and Durability

Because sprayed foam can match up with any roof penetrations, it's also great to use for any future roofing installations. With sprayed foam, you can add insulation much more easily for any new additions like that previously mentioned satellite dish. Foam is also incredibly durable and will not sag over time like some other types of insulation might. And while foam does wear down over time like all materials, it can be rejuvenated with just a simple recoating on top of the existing material, making your future maintenance much easier to handle.

If it's time to consider new insulation for your roofing system, take a look at the benefits provided by spray foam insulation and foam roof coatings. The seamless nature of foam means that air and water stays out and there is less chance of a leak happening because the foam can adjust more easily to any roof additions that you make. Finally, foam insulation is quite durable and easy to fix, if needed, with a simple recoating.