Pine Needles On Your Roof – Avoid Damage By Removing Them

Do you worry about the pine trees that surround your home? Are you concerned that those trees could be damaging your roof? How do you remove pine tree debris without causing further damage to your roof? Below, you will find out about the damage that pine trees can cause and how to prevent the damage from occurring.

Damage Caused by Pine Needles

Organic material of any kind will cause damage to your roof. Pine needles, limbs, leaves and dirt will all cause the shingles on your roof to deteriorate and allow the sub-roofing to rot. If this debris is left on your roof, the moisture from condensation, dew, and rain will absorb into it and wet the debris which could take days to dry, especially on shaded areas of the roof.

The pine needles and dirt will also lead to moss, mildew and algae growth and this will happen quickly. Algae and moss spores are carried in the wind and when they land on your roof in the organic material left up there, it will begin to grow and spread. This will cause damage to the shingles and the sub-roofing.

Removal of Pine Needles

The number of times you walk on your roof should be kept to a minimum because the more you walk on it, the granules on the shingles that provide the protection will get rubbed off. When you do walk on your roof, it is important to do so the correct way.

  • Wear shoes with good tread.
  • Don't drag your feet when walking.
  • Plant your feet firmly and avoid twisting your feet.
  • If the roof is older, position your feet on the support beams when possible.
  • Avoid putting weight on the overhangs.

Now that you know how to walk on the roof without causing further damage, it is time to get to work removing those pesky pine needles. If you have a leaf blower, now's the time to use it. In many cases, you can quickly blow the pine needles off of the shingles without even having to scrape the shingles. Just be sure to blow downward so that you don't cause the shingles to lift up as you blow the needles away.

If the pine needles are too wet and heavy to blow off, use a roofing rake to pull them off of the roof. Roofing rakes are specially designed and lightweight so that they won't cause damage to the shingles.

If the pine needles and debris have been on your roof for quite a while, it is likely in your best interest to have your roof inspected by a professional to determine if damage has been sustained. If you are unsure of your ability to complete this project on your own, talk with a roofing contractor for help.

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