Clean Rain Gutters: Why They Are Vital For Moisture Reduction & How To Clean Them

Clean rain gutters are good for keeping the moisture levels down on a roof. A high amount of moisture is bad for asphalt shingles because it can promote the growth of algae if any spores are on the roof. In this article, you will discover why clean rain gutters are vital for keeping moisture levels down on shingles and how to clean them.

Why are Clean Rain Gutters Vital for Reducing Moisture?

Clean rain gutters are vital for reducing moisture on shingles because water can cause the shingles to deteriorate. The reason the gutters must be clean is because debris like dirt, leaves and trash can clog them up and allow water to sit for a long time. When water begins to accumulate, it will eventually start overflowing over the edge of your gutters.

Too much water on asphalt shingles can lead to algae spores spreading everywhere and causing further deterioration by consuming the limestone in them. The bad part about algae spores is that they are able to retain a lot of moisture, which makes it easy for more spores to spread across the roof. You can prevent the problem by investing in getting your rain gutters professionally cleaned at least two times per year, especially if you have trees hanging over the roof.

How Should Rain Gutters be Cleaned to Prevent Moisture?

If you want to clean your rain gutters without hiring a professional to do it, you will need a ladder and a trowel. You may also want to ask a friend or loved one to help balance the ladder as you are carrying out the task. To get started, follow a few simple instructions that include:

  1. Place the ladder against your roof
  2. Climb up with the trowel
  3. Start scooping out all of the debris
  4. Spray the gutters with a garden hose

If you opt for hiring a professional to clean the rain gutters, make sure that he or she also inspects for any signs of algae damage on the shingles. Getting small problems repaired early can prevent the deterioration from making it to the roof deck.

The rain gutters may not seem as important as other aspects of your home, but they play a vital role in the durability of the roof. Make sure the gutters are not cluttered with debris to keep the moisture levels down, and that they are in good condition for the best effect. For more tips on gutter and roof care, contact a local roof installation company.