Rafters & Ceiling Joists: Their Importance To A Roof & How They Become Damaged

If you don't want your roof to cave in, you must make sure the rafters and ceiling joists are not damaged. They are important because they not only help to give your roof appeal by making a slope, but they are vital for giving support to the weight of the shingles. In this article, you will discover the importance of rafters and ceiling joists, as well as what can lead to them becoming damaged.

What is the Importance of Rafters & Ceiling Joists?

You must have rafters and ceiling joists when you have a sloped roof because they are used as a platform for the roof deck. The roof deck is the area in which shingles is placed, so it must be sturdy enough to carry a large amount of weight. The rafters and joists can also have an effect on the interior of your home, as they are used to help your walls stand in place.

Without the rafters and joists present, your walls can begin to lean towards the center of your home. Leaning walls are dangerous because they can put the ceiling at risk for caving in on you and your loved ones. The best way to prevent the hazard is to make sure that nothing damages the rafters and joists.

How Can Rafters & Ceiling Joists Become Damaged?

The rafters and joists can become damaged from neglecting to get your roof inspected and repaired before minor problems grow larger. You should make sure a thorough inspection is done twice per year by a professional roofer. He or she can check for signs of water damage, which is one of the common types of problems that can affect a roof.

Being that the rafters and joists are constructed out of wood, the present of termites is another way for them to become damaged. The horrible thing about termites is that they can consume wood all day and cause your home to deteriorate in a short period of time. You can end up with not only a bad roof, but damage in other areas of your home as well.

Keep your family safe by making sure the main structural aspects of your roof are in a good condition. You don't want anyone to get injured from the roof caving in, while also having to invest in a new roof. Give your roof the care it needs by getting it inspected by a professional like ANC Roofing, Inc.!